Code, Business, and Travel, Oh My!

Obligatory Intro

TL;DR; This blog will have posts about travel, code, and business. If you don't like that, well... eh. Skim the bold parts to find out who I am and read the memes. Expect a lot of them. And yes, I shamelessly stole this pattern from Aaron Patterson. We all love using patterns, right?

The Code

I am Bryan Robles, I currently work at Scalus, a small start up here in San Francisco, CA. I work mostly in Coffeescript/Ember.js and Ruby/Rails. I could sit here and list out all the cool shit I've done, but I won't. Mostly because most of it might be IP or got trashed by my previous employer cough..government...cough. But mostly because it is almost 2AM and Beer Week starts in 8 hours.

Never fear, you will get your fill of code here. You can expect a lot of Ember and Rails, but I also have some PHP and Node projects going on as well.

The Travel

As you might have guessed, I am into travel. A lot. I'm that guy at that one party who says "I've only been to 12 countries" and you roll your eyes and picture stabbing me in the eye with a pen. Or maybe a broken bottle of two-buck-chuck will work better...

![Travel Meme](

I have a lot of friends who have been to twenty, thirty or even over fourty different countries. When I am talking with them, I feel like the n00b. 12 is a year and a half to them. Naturally though, I learn a lot from them about travel and my own experiences as well.

Some of this blog will be about code (probably half or more), but it will also cover a lot about travel too. I want to pass on my hard won knowledge to you so that all you vagabonders out there can indulge in more of the world.

The Business

Yeah, I want to eventually do the whole entreprenuer thing at some point and I currently do some consulting and freelance work on the side. I am pretty much the cliché you've grown to expect from the bay area, except I am going to make one promise to you up front: lots of memes and captioned pics.

I mean, who doesn't like a couple good captions? If you don't, keep scrolling down and read the next image you see.

Enjoyment, Passion, and Drive

At first I was thinking of spliting these up into multiple blogs. I mean, code, business AND travel? That just sounds like a bunch of jumbled topics. Maybe you are thinking:

Bryan, I don't care about your trip to Sweden. I just want to learn about Ember

![shut up, get out](

That's nice. I'm going to take a page from one of my personal favorite authors, [Ramit Sethi][ramit-twitter], and ask you to show yourself out.

My life isn't partitioned into multiple pieces like that: they all blend together in different quantities in order to inspire one another. I code so that I can live a good life and build stuff ™. I occassionally do web consultant work and freelance work in order to get novelty in code and to put more money in the bank to travel. Occassionally I travel in order to get better at development as well (Ember Conf 2015 wooooooo). It is all connected, and to give you an organic look into who I am, I will have posts touching on each topic. Frankly, I got bored in the past writing one topic.

If you really don't care about one of the other topics, you can always feel free to filter out the ones you do care about. All posts will at least have a tag of either code, business, or travel.

Well Then, Lets get started

That's all for now. Make sure to check back every monday. I won't necessarily post only monday, but there will be at least one new post each week by monday evening.

I like to hear from all you reading this! Make sure to tweet at me @bryancodes. Who knows, maybe the twenty-third tweeter will receive a *free Philz Coffee gift card.

* You will not get a Philz Coffee gift card. I probably won't even favorite your tweet. But maybe. you never know.